ProResp is calling on our partners in the long-term care community to help support and promote leadership opportunities for women and girls in Nigeria, by joining the “Next Leg” of the Women Walking to GROW trek from July 18-22.

Women Walking to GROW was started in 2017 by Miriam Turnbull, ProResp Vice President and General Manager, and Elaine Shantz, President & COO of peopleCare. Elaine and Miriam wanted to raise money for MEDA and its’ Greater Rural Opportunities for Women (GROW) project. The GROW project aims to help women and girls in the developing world while also promoting leadership opportunities.

Inspired to grow beyond themselves, Elaine and Miriam decided they would walk the entire Bruce Trail in July – all 900 km of it – to raise money for female farmers in Ghana. Their 29-day long trek raised well over $100,000. With Global Affairs Canada committed to matching nine times the amount raised, women farmers in Ghana received over one million dollars!

This year the goal is for 100 heroes, to trek 100 km of the Bruce Trail (from Queenston in St. Catherine’s to Hamilton) to raise $100,000 to support women and girls in Nigeria. Global Affairs Canada will match five times every dollar raised.

Not only will the trek support a good cause, it is an opportunity to experience the rugged beauty of the Bruce Trail, to grow beyond one’s self and foster friendships, cooperation and leadership among the long-term care community.

If you are up for the challenge and want to be one of the 100 heroes or just want to make a donation, visit