ProResp's goal is to extend respiratory care beyond the hospital setting in cooperation with hospital and community health professionals. We became one of the first respiratory providers to deliver respiratory therapy home care services with healthcare professionals as the front line caregivers.

Our dedicated team works closely with our clients, their families, community physicians and primary care teams, hospital health care teams, long term care homes and sleep study labs. This integrated team approach ensures continuity of care and optimal therapy planning to achieve successful treatment outcomes while promoting client independence.

Accreditation Canada recognized our innovation, leadership and high standards by honoring our organization with one of the first home care accreditation awards in the country in 1994. Accreditation Canada is an independent, incorporated body which administers a voluntary accreditation program. The program’s purpose is to encourage the development and maintenance of excellence in health care organizations.

Accreditation Canada’s accreditation process is both rigorous and thorough. It consists of a self-assessment, an on-site survey, and follow-up action for improvements. Organizations examine all areas of their service; obtain advice from peers; increase credibility, and, involve partners and clients throughout the survey preparation and during on-site interviews.

Operationally we are committed to the following important service areas:
• mission or statement of purpose, vision, goals and objectives
• organization and direction
• client safety
• client centered care
• required organizational practices and policies & procedures
• human and physical resources
• staff orientation, development and continuing education
• information management and systems
• continuous quality improvement

We take the independent evaluation of our care and service seriously and are proud to have maintained accreditation status for over 16 years.

ISO 9001 - ProResp was one of the first respiratory providers in Canada to have its Management Systems registered to ISO 9001.

The ISO 9000 family of standards was developed to assist organizations in implementing and operating an effective Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS approach encourages analysis of client requirements and the processes used to meet those requirements. It provides a framework for continual improvement to enhance client satisfaction and instills confidence in The registration process consists of an initial gap assessment, a series of internal audits and on-site surveys conducted by an independent third party (SAI Global). ProResp is proud to have been given a clean audit report (no non-conformances) and to have received our registration certificate in January 2013.

Please click on the following link to review our current ISO Certification status;

Since our inception in 1981, our Mission has been to deliver quality healthcare with excellence. We believe that our Accreditation history and ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our commitment to quality clinical care and service delivery.

ProResp Inc. has a proud and distinguished reputation as a professional, progressive and innovative organization that lives by its mission and values. Always working hard to be number one in client satisfaction, we are committed to continuous quality improvement. By gathering feedback from our clients, referral sources, and staff, and by monitoring equipment performance, responsiveness and clinical outcomes, we will continue to meet the expectations of our clients, referral sources and community stakeholders well into the future.