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Travelling with PAP Therapy

Travelling with PAP Therapy (CPAP and BiLevel) Equipment


  • Keep a copy of your prescription with your system when travelling for reference in security checks and in the event you need equipment assistance while you are away.
  • Distilled water may be difficult to find in some countries but should be accessible at most pharmacies.
  • Check with the airline to see if they require any further information about your PAP therapy system prior to travelling, especially if you plan on using during an overnight flight.
  • If you are travelling outside North America, be sure to pack the correct electrical adapter specific to that country and don’t forget an extension cord – some hotels do not have conveniently located electrical outlets.
  • Before you travel, research local CPAP retailers near your destination and keep their contact information handy.
  • Travel CPAP systems are available for purchase but there is no ADP funding available.
  • ProResp sells the ResMed AirMini device. It does not have a battery option and requires specific masks (N20, F20, N30 and P10) and an adapter kit specific to each mask.

For more information contact your local ProResp office or visit the ResMed website.

ResMed AirMini N20 P10 F20 N30