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900 km Bruce Trail Walk Completed!

Women Walking to GROW (WW2G) is a joint initiative with Miriam Turnbull (ProResp) and Elaine Shantz (peopleCare), two female leaders in their organizations who are embracing ways to show leadership beyond themselves and their daily business involvements. On July 31st, these ladies completed their trek of the 900 kms of the Bruce Trail, accomplishing 520 km during the month of July 2017…an incredible demonstration of teamwork, perseverance, conviction, and leadership.

Why? Miriam and Elaine committed to walk these many steps each day just as the women in Ghana do. These Women Walking to GROW demonstrate women in leadership stretching beyond themselves in their day to day roles with a broader objective of raising awareness and funds for women entrepreneurs in Ghana through MEDA. Funds raised will directly assist these women in Ghana in supporting their families, developing a career, and supporting one another as they seek to realize their own dreams beyond poverty.

ProResp is proud to be a partner with peopleCare and MEDA on this meaningful project. Through Miriam Turnbull’s leadership and the efforts of ProResp’s management and employee team, we raised/contributed over $20,000 to Women Walking to GROW and actively supported the various initiatives and events.

We are pleased to report that with ProResp’s support, and that of the many individual fundraisers and sponsors, Women Walking to GROW has now surpassed its initial fundraising goal of $100,000.


Walking “virtually alongside” Miriam and Elaine and fundraising during the month of July were the residents of the peopleCare homes; walking hallways and garden paths and charting progress towards their goals. PeopleCare residents and staff along with ProResp’s staff were connected to Miriam and Elaine through regular video updates and motivational messaging. Residents walked an astonishing cumulative total of over 1000 km, demonstrating the motivating influence that inclusiveness and community can have through all stages of life’s journey. Plans are underway to continue resident activity levels throughout the year by focusing on a variety of causes, leading to an improved quality of life.

We aren’t finished yet! On Friday September 15, peopleCare will be hosting a Gala event to celebrate the accomplishments of Miriam, Elaine, the 100 km teams, Final Leg Trekkers and the residents who participated in walking and fundraising.  On this day, Miriam and Elaine will hand the torch over to the team going to Ghana. 

Later in November, this team of peopleCare staff and some of their partners including ProResp, and will travel with MEDA to Ghana to meet the GROW project heroes; witness their successes and challenges and share inspirational leadership lessons, thereby enabling one another to GROW.


Definition of Grow (Merriam-Webster), Intransitive verb; to have an increasing influence

There’s still time to get involved and show your support!

To learn more about Women Walking to GROW, or to make a personal donation, check out the website at www.womenwalkingtogrow.com

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