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Complex Airway Care

Ventilation, Tracheostomy, Secretion Clearance

ProResp’s expertise goes beyond oxygen and sleep therapy. Our Respiratory Therapists have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide expertise, training and support for patients and their community caregivers who require complex airway care such as mechanical ventilation, tracheostomy care and secretion clearance. We were the sole community respiratory provider in a 2008-2010 Health Force Ontario funded research project to transition medically stable, but chronic, ventilator-dependent clients from hospital (many directly from ICU) to home. Our involvement with this project demonstrated the value that respiratory therapists bring to the community healthcare team and led to government (LHIN) funding of home care respiratory therapy visits.

We offer 24/7 access to our respiratory therapy teams who provide ventilation and tracheostomy care, and comprehensive caregiver training to ensure competence and safe client transitions. We communicate and collaborate with the hospital teams and caregivers to develop and implement care plans that foster independence and quality of life.

ProResp’s commitment: If the respiratory therapy can be provided safely in the community, we will do it.