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Sleep APNEA Therapy



CPAP Therapy

CPAP consists of a gentle stream of air directed through the airway during sleep. The pressure of the air stream holds the airway open and prevents apnea. Oxygen levels, blood pressure, heart function and sleep patterns are stabilized, therefore resulting in a more restful sleep. In most cases, CPAP is needed for the rest of the user's life to manage their OSAS.


ProResp carries a wide range of CPAP machines and accessories from the leading manufacturers such as ResMed, Phillips Respironics, and Fischer & Paykel Healthcare. We work with our clients to find the CPAP products right for them.

How CPAP Works

A CPAP machine is a small and quiet electrical device. It takes in room air, lightly pressurizes it and delivers it through a flexible tube to a special mask to keep your airway open while you sleep. It’s not the same as oxygen therapy, although oxygen can be added for people who require both. A CPAP system has several essential components:

  •     The CPAP machine;
  •     A flexible air tube;
  •     A special face mask and straps which hold the mask in place (headgear); and
  •     Carrying case.

Other components and/or accessories such as a heated humidifier may be added to enhance comfort or provide flexibility for travel.

The CPAP air stream pressure must match each individual’s needs. Usually this pressure is determined during or after the first sleep study in the sleep clinic after the initial OSAS diagnosis. The sleep technician tests various levels of CPAP during sleep to determine the optimum CPAP pressure so your physician can issue a prescription.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep deprivation can affect job performance, personal relationships and cause workplace injuries and even death. Sleep deprivation is often caused by a sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). OSAS is a repeated cessation of breathing during sleep caused by a blocked airway. OSAS symptoms include snoring, personality changes, morning headaches and impotence. OSAS creates risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

CPAP ("See-pap") is the acronym for continuous positive airway pressure and is the most common and effective form of OSAS treatment. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians use it every time they sleep. CPAP therapy is a long-term investment to improve your quality of life. Many CPAP users are delighted by the benefits of good sleep, which include improved energy and mood, renewed interests in personal relationships, work, hobbies and social activities.

Complying and sticking with CPAP therapy plays a significant role in successfully treating OSAS. Clinical studies show CPAP therapy compliance rates of 80-90% are possible when a Regulated Health Professional is involved in education, support and follow-up care, compared to only 50-60% compliance without such clinical support. Enlist a ProResp CPAP specialist for guidance and support to get the most out of your CPAP therapy.

Since 1981 ProResp has delivered quality respiratory care with a client-centred approach. Our CPAP specialists are specifically trained in CPAP therapy. Our team works closely with our clients, their healthcare provider and sleep clinic to ensure CPAP therapy is successful.

Call and book an appointment at a ProResp location when it’s time to start therapy. Our team will help complete an application for funding with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, help select the appropriate equipment and initiate CPAP therapy care planning.

A man uses a CPAP device.