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PAP Funding and Costs

The Ministry of Health's  Assistive Devices Program (ADP) sets the price of Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) systems (CPAP and BiLevel) and provides partial funding towards the purchase. Recipients of social assistance from Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program may be eligible for full funding. There are multiple options of PAP systems and our CPAP Specialist will help you find the most suitable equipment.

Private health insurance often supplements government funding. You pay the remaining portion up-front and then apply for reimbursement from your insurer. If you have an extended health insurance plan you are advised to contact your insurer before purchasing. The insurer will need to know obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is a long-term diagnosis.

Key questions to ask the insurer include:

  • Is a copy of the PAP prescription required?

  • What other official documentation do they require?

  • What percentage of payment portion does the policy cover?

  • Is the cost of an equipment rental covered?

  • Are the future costs of "soft goods"(i.e. items requiring replacing after 6-12 months due to usage and wear such as masks, headgear hoses and filters) covered?

  • Is there coverage for the replacement cost of the PAP unit? If so, how often?

Purchasing a PAP device

CPAP system: $554.00*
BiLevel system: $950.00*

*If medical eligibility criteria is met for your PAP system and you have a valid prescription from a Physician Specialist in Sleep Disorders or Respirologist you may be eligible for funding of 75% towards a PAP system through the ADP. Some exceptions apply, please contact your local ProResp office for more information.

Rental Equipment fees:

CPAP system rental: $75.00 monthly
BiLevel system rental: $125.00 monthly

Rental fees do not include mask and accessories,  these are purchased separately. 

Professional Consultation Fee:   

A System Purchase Regulated Health Professional (RHP) consultation fee of $125.00 will apply for in office and virtual PAP therapy appointments.

A Follow-up RHP Consultation fee of $75 will apply for ongoing support appointments as requested.

Whatever the situation, we’ll help investigate options for paying for the CPAP therapy and equipment. Find more information about Assistive Device Program funding by phone at 1-800-268-6021 or visit their website.