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Revised 2014 05 12

I. General
We at ProResp Inc. believe there can be no enduring business relationships without trust. Our commitment to our clients, business partners, website visitors and employees, is to develop and maintain friendly, trustworthy relationships.
As used in the Privacy Policy, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” mean ProResp Inc.

We reserve the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notification. The changes will only affect personal information provided after the change comes into effect.

Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act sets out principles which organizations must follow. These are noted below along with a description of our current practices relevant to each principle as noted below. We have also noted below our current practices as they relate to personal information disclosed to us by email or via our website.

II. The Principles

1. Accountability for Personal Information
We are responsible for maintaining and protecting your personal information. The information we collect from clients, business partners or website visitors will differ from employee information. As used in this policy, “personal information” means information about an identifiable individual, such as; age, home address, home telephone number, birth date, personal email address, health card number and relevant health information. In general, personal information does not, for example, include the name, title, business address, business email, and business telephone or fax number of an employee or an organization.
We have appointed a privacy officer to ensure that our organization continues to maintain appropriate security with respect to your personal information.

2. Identifying Purposes

  • We identify the purpose for which the personal information is collected or used before or at the time of collection. Generally, we collect information for the following purposes:
  • to obtain relevant information about our clients thus ensuring our ability to provide service;
  • to communicate with you to develop, enhance, market or provide products or services, upon your consent;
  • to understand your needs and preferences, including voluntary surveys, research and evaluations;
  • to meet legal or regulatory requirements, including to protect or defend a legal interest;
  • to process and follow up on information requests or;  for any other purpose we may indicate to you from time to time to which you have provided your consent, or as identified in this Privacy Policy
  • Information is collected voluntarily from you and may also be obtained through a third party. An example of information being collected from a third party would be any relevant medical information provided from a physician or other health care professional.

3. Consent
We will ensure that information is only gained with your consent and that you have knowledge of the purpose and use of the information which you provide. In certain circumstances, consent is sought after the information has already been collected but before use. You may withdraw all or part of your consent for us to use your personal information within certain legal restrictions.

4. Limiting Collection
We will limit the information we collect to that which is necessary for the purposes identified.

5. Limiting Use, Disclosure, Retention and Exceptions to Use Subject to the Exceptions to Use below,

  • we will not use or disclose the information for purpose other than those for which it was collected except with your consent as required by law; and
  • we do not sell or rent your personally identifiable information
  • we do not share your personal information with outside parties, except as identified and with written consent
  • we will retain your information only as long as it is necessary to fulfill the identified purpose, or as required by law. 

 6. Accuracy
Regardless of how your personal information is collected we will do our best to ensure it is accurate, complete and up to date. It is important that you let us know, through your Health Care Professional, or directly, of any changes to this information.

7. Safeguards
One of the key elements in establishing and maintaining your trust is the protection of your personal information. We have established controls including the access to our office, data records and passwords. Our employees have access to your personal information only for the purposes of performing their duties in providing service to you.

8. Openness
Your may request access to your personal information through a written request. Should you have any questions about its accuracy or completeness we will respond within 30 days of receiving your written request.

9. Individual Access
You may, access your personal information through a written request. We will respond within 30 days of receiving your written request. We expect that most questions can be answered by a telephone call. We are committed to quickly answering any questions, thereby clarifying or explaining our privacy policies.

10. Challenging Our Compliance
You have our assurance that we will do everything possible to maintain a relationship of trust with you. Upon your request we will immediately investigate and respond with our explanation of any aspect of our policies for the protection of your personal information.

We welcome your privacy questions. Patients, business partners and employees may contact their local branch office or the Privacy Officer at:
Privacy Officer
#1 1909 Oxford Street East
London, ON N5V 4L9
519-686-2615 ext. 1194

III. Website Specific Practices

External Connectivity
For your convenience, our web site may contain links to third-party web sites. You should review the Privacy Policy of these third-party web sites as their Privacy Policy may differ from ours and we do not control those third- party webs sites or their privacy practices.

We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other web sites and we do not endorse or make any representations regarding third party web sites.

Keep in mind that personal information transmitted to us by e-mail or otherwise through our web site is transmitted without encryption. In other words, the information is not converted into code text but instead is sent in the same form as submitted by you on our web site. Although it is unlikely that a third party will intercept the transmission, there is always a possibility of that occurring.