Oxygen is a clear, colourless, tasteless, odourless gas that makes up 21% of the air we breathe. Oxygen equipment for home use is simple and safe to use if important safety precautions are followed.  Oxygen therapy is usually administered by nasal prongs or an oxygen mask, either of which is connected to oxygen delivery equipment.

The Equipment
Home oxygen is delivered with a variety of equipment options. Your equipment choice will depend on your prescription and lifestyle. Our regulated health professional will work with you to choose the most suitable method of home oxygen delivery.
We provide the following oxygen equipment (as well as all of the disposable soft-goods such as nasal prongs, extension tubing, etc. required to administer the therapy):

Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is an electrical unit that “makes” oxygen by “concentrating” it from room air. As long as the concentrator has electrical power and is functioning properly, the oxygen supply does not run out – the concentrator continues to “make” oxygen. In case of a power failure, a back-up oxygen cylinder is also provided. For those who are more active and wish to leave home, a smaller portable oxygen cylinder is provided.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

Portable oxygen concentrators bring new technology to active lifestyles. ProResp Inc. will provide you with a portable concentrator if it will meet your clinical needs and be more effective portability for your lifestyle. The portable concentrator is often a good option for travel.

Liquid Oxygen System

This system stores oxygen in liquid form. Liquid oxygen is very cold and stored in a large insulated reservoir (base unit). The liquid oxygen converts to a gas at a very low temperature. The Liquid oxygen system enables the conversion to gas using vaporizing coils. The gaseous oxygen is what comes out of the system outlet for you to breathe. The portable liquid unit can be filled from the base unit for portability, enabling an active lifestyle and independence. The Liquid Oxygen base unit requires regular filling, a service provided by our trained service technicians.


Oxygen Cylinders (Compressed Gas)

Oxygen cylinders store oxygen in gaseous form and come in many different sizes. These cylinders last varying lengths of time depending on the size of the cylinder. The largest tank pictured here would serve as an emergency back up for the concentrator. The three smaller cylinders are used for portability; the size chosen depending on the length of time needed for activities.


Oxygen Conserving Devices (OCD)

An oxygen conserving device can be attached to your cylinder to help you better control and conserve your oxygen. Normally, oxygen is delivered continuously – during inhalation and exhalation. Oxygen delivered during exhalation is mostly wasted into the surrounding air. The conserving device reduces this loss by delivering oxygen only during inhalation.