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Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

If you have low blood oxygen levels and experience persistent breathlessness or coughing, you may require oxygen therapy. Low blood oxygen levels result in breathlessness and body organ damage. Raising blood oxygen levels through increased oxygen intake makes breathing easier and improves body function.

ProResp provides respiratory therapy services and oxygen therapy equipment to those who suffer from low blood oxygen levels because of respiratory illnesses.

We offer same day service for all oxygen therapy referrals, regardless of time of day. Once we receive a prescription, our team arranges delivery and set-up of the necessary equipment that day. Our team demonstrates safe use and answers questions.

Our Registered Respiratory Therapists provide appropriate follow-up visits to ensure therapy understanding and compliance. During the initial clinical visit, our respiratory therapist completes a thorough respiratory assessment and works with you and your caregivers to initiate a personalized care plan. Follow up visits address progress towards previous care plan goals with new goals set as applicable. A thorough safety review is conducted on every visit.

Our Service Delivery Representatives will deliver equipment and ensure your home is safe for oxygen use, and provide all necessary training. Our Service Delivery Representatives will replenish oxygen supply and soft goods (nasal cannula, masks, tubing) during each visit, ensure the equipment continues to meet manufacturer specifications and review safety.

Our local on-call Respiratory Therapists and Service Delivery Representatives are available for after-hours emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure timely responses to clinical and equipment needs.