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Ontario residents who are prescribed oxygen therapy and have a valid Ontario health card may be eligible for funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's Home Oxygen Program.

ProResp is a registered vendor of the Home Oxygen Program. This means our team works with you and your healthcare provider to complete the application and apply on your behalf. If approved for funding, ProResp bills the Home Oxygen Program directly.

We work with you and your healthcare team to assess your condition at regular intervals and renew your funding if oxygen therapy is still required.

If you are a health professional, your patient must meet all of the Ministry’s physiological criteria to receive public funding.

Applicants who qualify are eligible for the following funding:




65 years or older.


64 years or younger receiving any of the following benefits:

  • Ontario Works;
  • Ontario Disability Support Program;
  • Assistance to Children with Severe Disabilities;
  • Professional services through a Local Health Integration Network (LHIN); or
  • Resident of a long-term care home.


64 years or younger and not receiving any of the above benefits. The remaining 25% is the client’s responsibility

For those who do not qualify for funding, all of ProResp’s products and services are available at competitive prices. Funding for oxygen therapy may also be available through private insurance. ProResp provides advice and assists in the application process.

More information about the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Home Oxygen Program is available on their website or via phone at 1-800-268-6021.