Funding For Home Oxygen

Any Ontario resident with a valid Ontario Health Card who is prescribed oxygen therapy can apply to the Ministry of Health's Home Oxygen Program for partial or full funding.

In order to receive public funding in Ontario, applicants must meet all of the physiological criteria specified by the Ministry of Health.

Health Professionals:
CLICK HERE to see the Ministry of Health's physiological criteria.

Applicants who qualify are eligible for funding as follows:


100% 65 years or older
100% 64 years or younger receiving any of the following benefits:
  • Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Programs, Assistance to Children with Severe Disabilities
  • Professional services through Community Care Access Centre
  • Resident of a Long Term Care Facility
75% 64 years or younger and not receiving any of the benefits above. The remaining 25% is the client’s responsibility

For those who do not qualify for the HOP funding, we offer private services with competitive pricing. Our non-funded clients can receive the same services as those receiving funding. In some cases, funding for oxygen therapy may also be available through private insurance – we will assist those investigating this option.

For more information about the Ministry of Health’s Home Oxygen Program, you can visit their website: