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Virtual Care

A new platform to dramatically improve patient outcomes.

Combining the power of a comprehensive virtual care app with the expertise of a respiratory therapist (RRT) to deliver an innovative hybrid model of care. Our virtual RRT tracks and monitors patient data and collaborates with our in-home RRT and the circle of care to deliver timely interventions proven to build patient confidence and reduce hospital re-admissions.

  • Defined pathway to achieve patient self-management
  • Delivers patient reminders
    • Daily breathing status
    • Daily oximetry check
  • Workflows that drive interventions
  • Education material and training videos
  • Monitoring and Follow-up by virtual RRT
  • Positive patient experience
  • Increases patient touch points
  • Fosters self-management skills
  • Decreases 30-day hospital re-admissions
  • Improves care team communication
  • Seamless transitions from referral to pathway
Virtual RRT Monitoring

Oximetry & heart rate – adjustable alert limits

Notifications - breathing status, SpO2 (Oxygen Levels)

Symptoms, compliance, status

3-way video conferences



Virtual care is just aTouchAway